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Physiotherapy for Children

Pediatric Disorders are a sad and unfortunate reality because most people are of the belief that children should not suffer from any physical problems. Pediatric disorders are a common occurence but the good part is that physiotherapy can offer help for those afflicted. The most common disoders are scoliosis, torticollis, Osgood-Schlatter, sports injuries, reluctant walkers, developmental disorders, cerebral palsy, and genetic disorders. Serious trauma injuries require a long course and patience for healing.

Why Complications Can Happen?

Torticollis is a type of pediatric disorder of the neck where due to weakness of the neck muscles, the child is unable to hod his head up straight and is tilted to one side. Spinal cord disorders in children are challenging to treat because kids do not have the discipline and the will to do the work required to prevent deterioration. Physiotherapy professionals also have to motivate and counsel in such cases. Brain injuries, including cerebral palsy and strokes are other pediatric disorders that must be managed delicately by physiotherapists.

What We Do

Pediatric disorders such as sports injuries and traumatic injuries require different kinds of physiotherapy depending upon the area and severity of the injury. If the child has a history of ankle injuries, then therapy will focus on the ankle apart from other body parts that supports and counterbalances the ankle. Our physiotherapists focus on building overall strength. Trauma injuries require a specific set of psychological skills because the subject may be traumatised by the incident.

Physiotherapy Treatments

Brain injuries are challenging to treat because the neurological system is not as strong as the muscular and skeletal systems. Treatments for pediatric disorders such as brain injuries include hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Physiotherapy for scoliosis which is a curvature of the spine consists of exercises that strengthen the back including Electrical Stimulation. Stimulation thus directly goes to the skeletal muscles. Chiropractic techniques are also used for spinal disorders in an effort to straighten and strengthen the spinal cord.


Pediatric disorder are numerous and have various symptoms and causes. And physiotherapy may not be the right treatment in all cases. Physiotherapy in it's current form can at be utilized in a lot of cases to relieve symptoms and sometimes to even reverse the damage. Patience is the key element here. A good physiotherapy program can go a long way in ensuring that children live more normal lives.


Physiotherapy For Postural Problems Can:

Offer Counseling an Help
Strengthen the Back in Scoliosis
Correct Neck, Shoulder & Wrist Problems
Counteract Imbalance & Awkward Postures
Manage Brain Injuries
Increase Strength in Affected Muscles
Help in Traumatic Injuries
Help Avoid Surgery