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Physiotherapy for Posture Problems

Posture refers to the way one stands, sits or walk - basically any normal position. Most people in the modern world suffer from posture related problems. Particularly affected are office goers who sit for long hours in unnatural positions hunched in front of their computers. Physiotherapy can be of great help to corporate employees to alleviate physical pain as well as educate them on ergonomics to prevent problems from recurring.

Why Complications Can Happen?

When a person sits with the shoulders hunched forward or the arm extended in an awkward position, postural problems tend to occur. The result is muscle and joint pain, headaches and other unpleasant conditions. Postural problems can also happen because a person experiences pain in one part of his body. This might result in the person using other muscles to do the work instead of the muscles that hurt. This can lead to an imbalanced and awkward posture and can end up causing more damage to the body and create long term pain.

What We Do

Patients only come to us when the pain becomes unbearable. So the first thing to do is to take steps to reduce the pain. Heat is used to help ease sore muscles that have been creating stiffness. Massage is used to loosen tightened muscles and to reverse the effects that awkward positions have on the body. Contracted and shortened muscles can be similarly worked upon as well whereas longer muscles can be strengthened & tightened. There are lots of exercises designed for this purpose.

Physiotherapy Treatments

Postural problems can be treated with physiotherapy such as heat, massage, exercises and chiropractic manipulation. Before one considers surgeries such as Carpal Tunnel Surgery, physiotherapy must be used early on because it can take care of most postural problems and help avoid costly surgeries. Our chiropractic doctors use physiotherapy techniques to realign the body back into correct position. Manipulations are used to help the patient regain the full range of motion apart from working on muscle groups to ease tension.


People from all ages suffer from posture-related problems at some time or the other in their life. A strict physiotherapy routine plus restructuring the positioning of the workplace as well as other environments can positively help and cure posture related problems. The right physiotherapist can help patients sit, stand and walk comfortably for the rest of their lives.


Physiotherapy For Postural Problems Can:

Cause Immediate Pain Relief
Help People Become Aware of Ergonomics
Correct Neck, Shoulder & Wrist Problems
Counteract Imbalance & Awkward Postures
Address Post Pregnancy Problems
Elongate Shortened Muscles
Tighten Longer Muscles
Help Avoid Surgery