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Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries can happen as a result of sports or car accidents among others. Some of these injuries are minor ones and heal with a limited amount of physiotherapy. Those with serious injuries may on the other hand need physiotherapy for the remainder of their lives. Neck injuries also require special treatment. The first step in such injuries is always evaluation. A specific injury-related treatment plan is then formulated to treat the injured patient.

Why Complications Can Happen?

One has to consider the level of damage in a spinal cord injury. If a physiotherapy program is not followed correctly, the spine can start to atrophy below the level of the spinal cord injury. The spine can then shrink and the whole body below that injury point gets weaker with time. It is thus important for spinal cord injury patients to get exercise of some kind because they will be more proneĀ  to osteoporosis and heart problems among other conditions. If the patient is completely sedentary then these risk factors are aggravated.

What We Do

Physiotherapy for spinal cord injury involves exercising and stimulating the nerves and muscles that are below the level of the injury. This allows for patients with spinal cord injury to remain in good physical health wherever they can. Range-of-motion exercises are performed by moving the limbs so that they do not become fixed in one position. For spinal cord injury patients who are not quadriplegics, we do physiotherapy with mats that are raised above the floor.

Physiotherapy Treatments

Our physiotherapist will make the patient perform exercises where he / she lies on the side, back or stomach and works out or sits and works out. Restorative therapies include electrical stimulation, biofeedback, vibration therapy, laser therapy, aqua therapy and other stimulation activities. When these therapies are used, spinal cord injury patients can restore themselves to earlier functioning. Other times they can keep their bodies from getting worse. We keep abreast of the latest treatments for spinal cord injuries.


Physiotherapy can be highly effective and give a lot of hope to spinal cord injury patients. Physiotherapy can help a patient gain more control of their bodies and lead as much as a normal functional life they can with their limitations. In the future when a better cure comes along they will be in the best shape to respond to a superior cure.

Spinal Physiotherapy Can:

Cause Immediate Pain Relief
Help Prevent Surgery
Prevent Spinal Atrophy
Prevent Osteoporosis & Heart Problems
Help the Body Respond to Future Cures
Improve Your Functional Abilities
Restore Earlier Functioning
Improve Your Life