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What is Sports Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can help sportsmen and marathon runners who have developed sports injuries. Physiotherapy can be immensely helpful in relieving and alleviating painful symptoms regardless of whether the player has had corrective surgery. A very common sports injury that happens to those who play hockey, skating, skiing, basketball and football is an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. This injury can limit the player's range of motion and weaken the affected leg.

Why do Sports Injuries Happen?

Sports injuries can develop for a number of reasons. Some injuries can happen while training for or while playing competitive sports. It can happen because of something physically traumatic happening to your body. Two fielders run and collide against each other at high speeds while trying to take a catch or a footballer trips and falls while tackling a ball. Other times, sports injuries can simply be the result of the intense and grueling physical efforts and the high demands that an athlete places on his / her body.

What We Do

For ACL sports injury heel slides, quad sets and straight leg raises which though uncomfortable can go a long way in starting the healing process. Sports injuries like tennis elbow are treated with comprehensive physiotherapy treatments. All exercises for the same are duly explained and assigned for doing at home. Another common procedure that we use for treating sports injuries is Ultrasound and electrical stimulation apart from soft tissue manipulation like massage therapy and manual therapy.

Physiotherapy for Children

Children's sports are now becoming highly competitive and sports injuries are increasing among the younger lot. Parents who want their kids to excel might urge the child to shrug off the injury and keep playing. But this can harm the kid's potential and set the stage for serious setbacks in a child's long term health. It is therefore far more important for children to get proper physiotherapy than even adults. Children's bodies are developing and an injury in childhood that is not attended to and rectified can lead to lifelong pain.


Physiotherapy can be used to heal many types of sports injuries. Most professional teams including league, local and national teams have full time physiotherapists on their staffs. Sports injuries must be treated early because symptoms like ACL or tennis elbow can develop into permanent conditions without the use of physiotherapy procedures.

Sports Physiotherapy Can:

Cause Immediate Pain Relief
Strengthen & Regain Lost Function
Help Avoid Surgery
Improve Your Career Goals
Improve Your Functional Abilities
Facilitate Your Return To Competitive Sports
Improve Your Child's Performance
Prevent Recurring Lifelong Pain