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Physiotherapy for Women

A lot of women's problems can be treated with the help of physiotherapy. Whether is back pain due to pregnancy to bladder incontinence issues faced by older women, the trained physiotherapists at Levotex can help. With the help of special exercises such as Kegel and biofeedback, our phyiotherapists can help correct almost 80 % of incontinence issues as well as those related to organ prolapse and sexual dysfunction.

Why Complications Can Happen?

Most of the health issues that women experience can be mapped to the pelvic floor. Most women suffer from Pelvic pain which could arise due to a number of factors such as vulvodynia or abdominal surgeries. One could also have pelvic pain after a fall especially if one has landed on the tailbone. These debilitating conditions can result in curtailing of sexual activities and lead to psychological problems. Women who are pregnant also need physiotherapy many times as their bodies undergo many painful changes.

What We Do

The major exercise used to treat women's pelvic pain is supervised exercise programs like Kegel. Apart from Kegel, electrical stimulation and soft tissue manipulation (massage) is also used. Gentle exercises will be taught to help relieve back pain. Our physiotherapists are experienced in prenatal techniques and know how far to push with exercises when pregnant. Physiotherapy is also helpful for those who have had a C section.

Physiotherapy Treatments

Kegel exercises are highly effective in treating pelvic problems and bladder incontinence. Kegel is a highly specialised exercise and cannot really be performed by a person successfully unless there is personal supervision with biofeedback. Massage and electrical stimulation can also greatly relieve pain. Some reclining exercises and yoga poses for the lower back can be taught to women which can give a great feeling of relief. Prenatal and postnatal exercises are also taught to deal with discomfort before and after pregnancy.


Physiotherapy can greatly improve a woman's health and quality of life because women suffer from a host of unique problems. Most of these conditions respond positively to physiotherapy. We believe that women must avail the use of physiotherapy for a tried and tested method for pain relief.

Physiotherapy For Women Can:

Cause Immediate Pain Relief
Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain
Address Bladder Incontinence
Strengthen and Cure Pelvic Pain
Address Post Pregnancy Problems
Improve C Section Healing
Restore Earlier Functioning
Improve Your Life