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Occupational Injuries

Occupational and injuries related to the workplace is increasing in India. Occupational injuries range from back and neck problems to carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder and knee dislocations, tennis elbow and leg and ankle strain. There are physiotherapy treatments available to treat all these conditions that occur quite commonly among desk-bound office employees. Patients who have had light injuries are prone to be sidelined in their jobs and even fired. Physiotherapy can greatly help the patient recover their strength and health.

Why Complications Can Happen?

The most common work-related injuries are back and neck pain. They can happen because of lifting objects improperly, lifting objects while turning or sitting incorrectly. Carpal tunnel syndrome is another common condition that equally affects white collar workers as well as blue collar workers such as those working on assembly lines. Other common injuries are Tennis elbow which occurs due to repetitive twisting of the wrists. People working in packing plants as well as those who twist products into containers can suffer from this.

What We Do

Where applicable our physiotherapists will give instructions on how to best treat the injury at home. When the work-injury has sufficiently healed the patient will be given the go-ahead to return to work. Instructions will be given about the structured manner in which the patient can resume work - when to ease into light routine and when to start the full daily routine. We also advise patients on ergonomics so as to help him / her create a better work environment that is less conducive to injuries. Work Station rearrangements for proper body positioning will be explained.


Most occupational injuries are caused by repetitive movements. Occupational injuries at the workplace can be minimised if the work environment is designed in an ergonomic manner. Our physiotherapists have a lot of insight about the manner in which the human body rests and works. Ergonomic keyboards correct mouse placements are suggested. We also introduce many of our patients to the usage of new technologies and urge them to make use of it. For e.g. we often suggest that our clients use a touch pad instead of a mouse.


Physiotherapists can be a useful ally to prevent occupational injury in any kind of workplace. Workers who have occupation-induced injuries must see a physiotherapist as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration and to prevent professional setbacks such as a loss of job and livelihood due to persistent injuries.

Physiotherapy For Occupational Injuries Can:

Create Safer Work Environments
Improve Posture & Workplace Conditions
Correct Neck, Shoulder & Wrist Problems
Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Manage Tennis Elbow
Give Correct Feedback on Returning to Work
Advice on Ergonomics
Suggest Ergonomic Tools